The Shores of Time


You’ve reached the Shores of Time.

This website functions as the portal for “A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects“, a podcast on the past and present cultures and societies of the Caribbean as told through its many enigmatic and fascinating artefacts. It is developed and hosted by Caribbean archaeologists Alice Samson and Angus Mol.

Aside from the podcast, you will also find more of Angus his research, essays, and other collaborative projects on this website. Angus currently works at Stanford University’s Archaeological Center. He specializes in  the study of past and present social, cultural and political networks through material culture. In addition, he is one of the co-founders of VALUE (Videogames and Archaeology at Leiden UnivErsity). You can read more about his reasons for creating the “Shores of Time” and “A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects” here.